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Exhibition and Exhibitors

Exhibition and Exhibitors


From Tuesday, 23 August (morning) to Thursday 25 August (afternoon), a table-top Exhibit will allow Laser and Photonics related companies to present and promote their new products among attendees.
Tabletop exhibit space will be available at the ground floor of the Gusshaus Campus.
The location of the exhibitions will be next to the conference room in the same area where coffee breaks and poster sessions will take place, in order to allow easy and frequent contacts with the attendees.

List of Exhibitors



Deadline to deliver own material to Vienna: Thursday 18th August 2016 at the following address:

Dr. Markus Kitzler 

Photonics Institute, TU Vienna

Gusshausstrasse 27-29 

1040 Vienna 

Tel.: +43 1 58801 38701

e-mail: markus.kitzler[at]

Please notify Markus Kitzler by email in case you intend to send materials.

The exhibition space includes:
(i) one or two tables per exhibitor of  0.7x1.4m with 2 chairs
(ii) free WLAN access is available freely throughout the building
(iii) Power available at all tables (230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A)
In addition it will be provided: (i) an attendee list for one time mailing (no emails); (ii) one/two exhibitor personnel badges; (iii) one/two tickets to the conference dinner; (iv) one technical digest.
The fee is Euro 1,000.- per table.
In case of interest, please download the contract for an exhibition space here.
All conditions are stipulated on the contract.
In order to be considered, the contract must be duly filled out and accompanied with the payment information. 
Deadline to return the signed contract is 15 July 2016.

Increase your company visibility amongst qualified attendees with a sponsorship at the event. Current sponsorship opportunities include:
- Coffee break
- Reception
- Attendees bags
- Registration material inserts
- Company description in the conference proceedings.
Plus other customizable promotional opportunities. Please contact EPS Secretariat ( for more information

Information for exhibitors only:

Booth set-up
: Monday 22nd between 13:00 and 18:00 (doors close at 18:00 sharp) and on Tuesday 25th from 8:00.Booth disassembling: Preferably on Friday 26th in the morning (Thursday after the conference is also fine). Exhibitors will have until 3pm to send their material; after this time we can't guaranty that the shipments will be done and that their equipment will come back home safe.

The booths are located in a public area of the university (cafeteria) that will not be locked during lunch time (but by night). To ensure security of your computer, we advise you to bring a computer lock that will not be provided by our university.

Exhibition hours:

  Tuesday, 23 August 2016      09:45 - 12:30 / 13:45 - 17:00      
  Wednesday, 24 August 2016   09:45 - 12:30 / 13:45 - 17:00       
  Thursday 25 August 2016       09:45 - 12:30 / 13:45 - 17:00      


List of Exhibitors:


Crystalline Mirrors represent a ground-breaking optics technology, enabling radically new applications and products for the laser-based precision-metrology market. Without requiring
modifications to existing measurement systems, our products provide an immediate 10- to 100-fold improvement in the limiting performance of optically-enabled time and frequency
measurement schemes. In addition, the crystalline coating process also enables unprecedented optical performance of mid-IR mirrors and thermal performance for high power/ultrafast laser systems.


EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer of precision components for high power laser applications.
Product range includes laser optics, opto-mechanics and nonlinear crystals for 193-20.000nm range, Pockels cells, HV drivers and ultrafast pulse picking systems.
Company owns IBS coating facility, optics and crystals polishing facilities, spherical and aspherical lenses production facilities.



EKSPLA - Innovative manufacturer of lasers, systems and components from custom system for basic research to small OEM series. In-house R&D team enables to tailor products for specific applications and/or according to specific requirements. Main products are femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond lasers, tunable-wavelength systems, ultrafast fiber lasers, spectroscopy systems and laser electronics.



LQ Logo

Laser Quantum is a world-class manufacturer of revolutionary solid-state and ultrafast lasers. Our products lead the industry in performance specifications, reliability, compactness and operational lifetime. You will find Laser Quantum lasers used in laboratories and integrated in systems and machines worldwide. Our lasers are helping scientists to break new ground in many applications ranging from attosecond physics to forensics and genomics.


Light_Conversion logoLight Conversion is the world-leader for tunable ultrafast OPA systems with the worldwide recognized TOPAS series products. Light conversion is also an established manufacturer of Yb-based laser PHAROS (180 fs, up to 20w, 2mJ, 1MHz), harmonics generators, parametric amplifier “ORPHEUS” and time-resolved spectrometers. Together the portfolio forms a ‘best-in-class’ set of devices for femtosecond applications in industry, medicine, and fundamental research.
Nufern_logoNUFERN is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialty optical fibers, precision wound optical fiber coils, fiber lasers and amplifiers. Our integrated team has the experience, resources, and facilities required to design, manufacture, test and qualify highly enginereed optical fibers and fiber-based products for diverse applications and industries.




Excitement is not measureable. Light is.
Menlo Systems, a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology, was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, with the foremost aim to commercialize optical measurement technologies and make it available to newly emerging application fields. Menlo Systems maintains a strong bond to co-founder Theodor W. Hänsch, who pioneered precision laser techniques.
Known for the Nobel Prize-winning optical frequency comb technology, the Munich-based company offers complete solutions based on ultrafast lasers and synchronization electronics. Applications for our products and solutions span from research laboratories to truly industrial tasks. The patented technology is recognized by global laser manufacturers to whom we deliver OEM solutions for integration into cutting-edge products.




Instrumentation for time-resolved fluorescence and single photon counting: picosecond/nanosecond pulsed and modulated diode lasers, PC modules for Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting, detectors, fluorescence lifetime systems (confocal microscopes, spectrometers), FLIM and FCS upgrade kits for laser scanning microscopes.

Spectra_Physics LogoAs the first laser company, Spectra-Physics is singularly focused on helping customers use precision laser technologies to advance science and propel industries forward.  The company does so by offering groundbreaking technologies, deep applications expertise, disruptive cost-performance, and a commitment to world-class customer experience. Our product portfolio spans CW to nanoseconds to femtosecond, UV to mid-infrared, and fiber to DPSS lasers.  We enable applications in industrial and microelectronics manufacturing, medical and life sciences, and scientific research.


Standa Ltd. was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1987 and now has more than 150 employees working at the company. Standa has it's own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling, grinding machines. Standa's design department, while developing standard products presented in Standa's catalogue (such as motorized and manual translation and rotation stages, motion controllers, optical tables, vibration isolation systems, optical mounts and holders, optics, dpss lasers and etc.) also develops the equipment for OEM customers. Some examples of it, after the agreement with OEM customers, are shown on this website. Standa currently has several laser product development laboratories.




Toptica logo

TOPTICA is a privately held technology driven company, which develops, produces and sells diode and ultrafast fiber lasers for scientific and industrial applications.The company sets its own challenge to regularly present exciting product innovations and world firsts



TRUMPF Scientific Lasers GmbH + Co. KG
TRUMPF Scientific Lasers is a Joint Venture between TRUMPF and Professor Dr. Ferenc Krausz, Director Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics Garching, Munich. We are a high-tech company focusing on high-power femtosecond laser technology especially on optic parametric amplifiers and high energy picosecond lasers. Base technology is the TRUMPF disk laser technology.





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