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Special Symposium

The 2016 Europhoton Conference includes a half-day Special Symposium entitled

"Novel laser-matter interaction regimes"

The Special Symposium will take place on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016 and Wednesday 24th August 2016

We are experiencing truly exciting times for laser-matter interactions, as two broad fields have accelerated in recent years simultaneously. On the scientific side, interaction of intense laser radiation with matter enabled by novel laser sources now provide convenient access to extreme parameter ranges, which were only recently unthinkable, with impact from high-field physics to generation of x-rays. On the applications side, ultrafast lasers are finally fulfilling their long-held promise of transforming laser-material and in particular laser-tissue interactions, from glass processing to recently developed femtosecond cataract surgeries, with significant impact already materializing in the multi-billion dollar industries associated with them.

Ranging from large-scale facilities to portable laser boxes, the common driving force behind these developments is the capability to access extreme parameter ranges enabled by recent developments in laser technology. The goal of this Special Symposium is to bring together a diverse group of users and developers of applications of novel interaction regimes together with the community behind the development of the laser technology, such that common interests as well as laser needs, which are not addressed by existing technologies can be identified.”


Participants who have paid the conference fee will receive free entrance to the Special Symposium.

Special Symposium Chair: tbc


List of Invited Speakers for the Special Symposium

Franz Kaertner, University of Hamburg, Germany
THz Linear Acceleration and Compact X-ray Sources

Robin Marjoribanks from University of Toronto, Canada
Energy partition and dynamics of absorption and ablation in burst-mode (>100 MHz) ultra-fast pulsed laser ablation in biotissues

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